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Hello! I am Joel, I am just a guy who likes tech, FOSS and many other things. I was born in Mexico where I still live. I am currently studying Mechatronics Engineering. Here are some quick things about me:

I use Linux, and the distribution currently installed on my computer is Void Linux.

My current smartphone is using Arrow OS, as custom rom, but I switch roms from time to time. I am interested on switchin to LineageOS soon or maybe not, depending on my laziness.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 20 seconds, my record is of 9.81 seconds.

I have made some videogames using the Godot engine, but I am still not that advanced in my opinion. I have participated in around 4 game jams, some of which were successful. You can play them check them on my itch.io profile or access them directly on my front page.

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This page was the result of going into Mastodon and getting inspired by the Fosstodon community to start my own blog. Here I can share my thoughts without having to give away too much of me to companies such as Google or Facebook.

I have used Blop to generate this site

The website source is hosted on Gitea and the site itself is hosted on tilde.cafe.