New section, the software I use

Released: 2021-06-02

This is going to be a quick blog where I just wanted to mention how I added this new section to my website, I already spent quite some time editing it, so I guess I can make this blog shorter than the rest.

Inspired by PsychoLama and by Ru Singh, who have a “Recommendations” and a “Uses” section respectively on their sites. I wanted to do the same, and decided to get started on it as quick as possible.

Right now its still fairly incomplete, but I can update it when deemed necessary, not only for new software I discover, but for the programs I stop using.

This idea came out of the blue, I did not have a school class and decided to go for it. It might as well be the most unplanned post yet.

I want to add some new sections in the future, a blogroll, a reading list, a Now section, so many things to do. I will make a post whenever that happens.

Besides, the last couple months have been quite short on content, and I wanted to add some extra entries to keep up with the #100DaysToOffload challenge. Although at this rate I feel confident I will complete it in less than a year!.

This has been day 40, almost halfway there!