Graphical settings that break things

Released: 2022-06-10

A few days ago I noticed a really annoying setting in Dolphin, KDE’s default file manager. I noticed that the date format was not YYYY-MM-DD, which I tend to prefer. It looks like I can’t change that in Dolphin’s own settings, but only via Plasma’s System Settings.

I switched to Fedora a couple weeks ago, and decided to go with the KDE spin, and use as many KDE apps as I could. I really like Dolphin, now that the dependencies, which can be annoying when using XFCE or a GTK desktop, are not really a problem since they all come built-in.

The only way to change the date format is by changing the System’s region settings, there are a lot of formats but I could not find what I wanted, after some time I had to give up, what a shame.

At a later point I realized that some of my apps were not working properly. Rofi would not launch with my shortcuts, Khard and Khal were showing errors. And it was due to these I realized that my locale settings were a mess. So basically my KDE settings broke my app launcher and email setup, which was pretty annoying.

Of course, all I really had to do to fix this was export the locale environment variables in my .bash_profile file and call it a day. But how is it that simple things like that can still be so messy? The Linux Desktop experience still has a long way to go.