Domain name change

Released: 2022-01-20

So, I had been exchanging some emails with some people, and I’ve been thinking about dead blogs, the Internet Archive and stuff like that, since my domain name, which I got for free, is about to expire, and due to some personal problems, I won’t be able to get the 9 dollars I need to keep it up for another year. It might not be a lot for some people, and even for me, in better times, but right now I can’t really afford it, so I will probably just let it die, and go back to using my free *.netlify.app domain, just like Ryan Moore’s website which seems to be going just fine.

I am not really sure of how will I handle the transition yet, so if you have some suggestions about that, please feel free to email me or contact me in any way you like.

I feel like I should archive my stuff, but it will still be online, just under a different url, so I am not completely sure of what to do yet. I will probably add the new URLs as a comment in my previous mastodon toots, just in case people come across those old posts and want to leave a comment there. I assume most people just view my blog and not old posts in my mastodon account, so maybe I don’t really have to do that.

Regardless, the point is, if you are following my RSS feed or something, please make sure your change the url to https://joelchrono12.netlify.app so it does not fail to fetch new articles once the time comes.

At least my mirror at my tilde community will be fine :P

This has been day 89 of #100DaysToOffload, thanks for reading.