Calendar for terminal

Released: 2022-01-18

I was checking out my email today using neomutt, which I’ve been trying for a few days, and I sumbled upon some people I’ve talked to that are part of the Fosstodon or the Fediverse in general.

From there, I went ahead and checked out some posts and blogs written by them in my RSS reader, and I stumbled upon and article by Hyde (aka Lazybear) titled Calendars and Terminal, which really got my attention. It talks about khal and vdirsyncer, a couple of tools that can be used to access my calendars from any CalDAV server, such as my Nextcloud instance, right from my terminal.

I ended up trying it out, and it wasn’t half bad! I basically just followed his tutorial, but I also found a similar post by Hund which shows also how to manage and sync contacts with the same tool.

I haven’t really done the contacts syncing yet, but I might as well try and set it up soon.

I don’t really want this blog to turn into yet another tutorial, so please, if you want to try this out check the couple of links I shared here.

A cool thing that vdirsync has is support for pass, or any other command to get your password without just storing it in plain text, so that’s pretty cool, you can check my rather simple config in my dotfiles

Now I have added my school schedule, since I just started a new semester, and my time is not as much as before. So, this has been day 86 of #100DaysToOffload