Blop static site generator

Released: 2022-01-15

So, I have been part of a Tilde community for a while, a public unix server known as tilde.cafe.

Because of that, I got access to some nice things, like a website, a gemini capsule and an email address, which is kind of nice. I have been using that site as a place to mirror this very same website in case anything happens. Like losing my current domain or anything like that.

Blop is a pretty nice static site generator that is basically just a bash script that uses other programs such as sed, awk and pandoc to put together a simple site generated from markdown files and simple templates.

However, it had a pretty serious issue, at least for me. The generated html files ended with *.html instead of being a clean url like here in Jekyll.

So I forked the project, put some work into it and I actually managed to do it!

I am not that great of a bash coder, and it was not really a matter of bash but of knowing where to look and using / to search for the right things in Vim.

In the end I now have clean URLs in my alternative site, which is kind of great.

You can take a look at my fork, which is not really that different from the original in my tildegit repository.

This has been day 83 of #100DaysToOffload